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Luncheonette Menu



All burgers made with aged local ranch raised beef using no fillers or binders. Just 100% kosher beef. Marv’s own secret seasoning spice gives this burger the great flavor we are known for. Toppings include: mustard, pickle, onion, mayo, lettuce and tomato.
To add fries to any burger, dog or sandwich just say DELUXE.   $3.00

James Dean: (1/4 pound burger with above trimmings) $6.25
Fonzie: (cheese burger) $6.95
Big Bopper: (bacon & cheese) $7.85
Bopper Wopper: (1/2 pound, 2 patty’s, bacon & cheese) $8.95
Brutus burger: (3-1/4 pound patty’s, bacon & cheese) $10.25
Marilyn Munro:(hot and spicy with Cajun spice & Swiss cheese) $8.50
La Bamba burger: (chili cheese burger with lettuce, mayo & tomato) $7.35
Ring of fire: (Cajun spice, Swiss cheese, crispy onion ring & banana peppers) $7.85
Diamond special: (mushrooms & Swiss cheese) $8.60
Kiwi burger: (single patty with Swiss cheese, bacon, & fried egg) $8.10
Hawaiian clipper: (single patty with grilled pineapple ring & Swiss cheese) $7.85
Hot hamburger sandwich: (open faced sandwich with gravy, fried onions, coleslaw, & fries) $9.95

Specialty burgers

Earth angel: (grilled Portobello mushroom with Swiss cheese, mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $8.40
Twiggy: (bun less burger served with all burger toppings & caesar salad) $8.95

Canada’s Original Peanut Butter Burgers

Goober: (single patty, Swiss cheese, lettuce mayo, onion & tomato) $7.50
Magoo: (same as above with Cajun spice) our house special $7.75
Elvis burger: (peanut butter, banana, lettuce, mayo & tomato) might come with a tune $7.95
Fat Bob burger: (double patty, Swiss cheese, Cajun spice, peanut butter, bacon, mushrooms, onion, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $10.50

Add to any burger, dog or chicken item

Mushrooms $1.25      Banana peppers $0.40      Pineapple ring $0.50
Bacon $0.75      Cajun spice $0.25      Chili $0.75
Swiss cheese $0.75      Peanut butter $0.50      Add patty $1.25
Cheddar cheese $0.75      Fried egg $0.75     


Peggy Sue: (grilled chicken breast with lettuce, mayo & tomato) $8.95
Lana Turner: (chicken breast, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $9.65
Liz Taylor: (chicken breast, Cajun spice, Swiss cheese, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $9.95
Judy Jetson: (2 deep fried chicken strips, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $6.25
Cluck "N" Nut:(chicken breast with peanut butter, Cajun spice, lettuce, mayo & tomato) $9.45
Chicken fingers & fries: (3 fingers with fries & plum sauce) $9.25


(served with fries) No substitutes

Chicken Little combo: (chicken finger in a bun with lettuce, mayo tomato & fries) $6.50
Wimpy burger combo: (beef burger with cheese, fries, mustard & ketchup) $6.50
Junior fingers: (2 chicken fingers, fries & plum sauce) $6.50
Peanut butter & jam sandwich: (choice of white or brown bread with fries) $6.50
Grilled cheese sandwich: (choice of white or brown bread with fries) $6.50
Grilled cheese & bacon: (choice of white or brown bread with bacon & fries) $7.45
Pair of slippers: (2 mini dogs in a basket with fries) $7.50
One slipper: (1 mini dog in a basket with fries) $6.50


Grilled chicken Caesar with garlic toast: $8.95      Regular fries: $4.00
Caesar salad & garlic toast: $6.25      Large fries: $6.25
Side Caesar: $4.00      Poutine: (white cheese curd) $6.75
Garlic toast: $2.25      Large poutine: $8.95
Onion rings: $4.00      Gravy: $1.75
Chili cheese fries: $6.95      Coleslaw: $2.00


European dog: (gourmet smoked dog with mustard, relish, onions and sauerkraut) $4.75
King Kong classic Chicago hot dog: (our BIGGEST dog ever served loaded with mustard, relish, onion, banana peppers, pickle, tomato & topped with celery salt) $7.95
Regular dog: (mustard, relish & onion) $3.75
Whistle dog: (bacon, cheese, mustard, relish & onion) $4.95
Chili cheese dog: (Marv’s 2005 award winning chili & cheese) $6.50
Dog & rod: (regular dog served plain unless specified, fries, small fountain pop in a classic car) $8.95
Cart dog: (giant hot dog with mustard, relish & onion) $6.25
Whistle cart dog: (bacon, cheese, mustard, relish & onion) $7.50
Chili cheese cart dog: (giant dog with chili & cheddar cheese) $8.35
Clarks Super Dog: (regular dog wrapped with bacon, deep fried & served with mustard, onion, relish topped with coleslaw) $7.75

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Marv's Soda Shop is located in Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
Phone us at (403) 933-7001
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